Monday, April 18, 2011

Does somebody care about security?

Short answer: no.
Wait. I m talking about computer security. I really can't understand these universities and research centers investing money into privacy and security research. It will never solve anything. We are living the era of Facebook (there he goes again..) where privacy has been reconsidered (let's say ignored) and mobile phones can be lost anytime with 100 times the amount of data they could store years ago.
The answer is well known to my granpa and some good terrorists who decided to go for cryptography.
Emails and many other types of communication might be sent around the internet safely and confidentially. But, no! they decided to keep it only for online credit card transactions (and very few operations) because that's the most obvious reason to use it.
Controlling information for them (google, facebook, microsoft, etc...) would have been a lot harder with cryptography.
That would keep user data on *their* servers, encrypted. Then they can't send users' data or run their bloody data mining engines. Useless!
What is missing is the culture of encryption. A lot of operations we do every day are so normal that we do them without thinking anymore. But when it comes to encryption... nobody knows.

Keeping the user ignorant is the solution to F**k him.

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