Friday, April 22, 2011

Are we making it good?

I don't consider myself a pioneer of Information Technology. But I used the Internet the first time in 1993. Damn! I am really old, am I? Well, at that time everything was just new, and slow, and a lot of things didn't even exist, as you may know.
Basically, they were building the Internet. They were inventing new ways to allow people to communicate with each other. New solutions at the very low level were studied in order to keep the bottleneck "of the network" as much low as possible. At a first sight, and maybe deeper, those studies look lot more genuine than current ones.
This new generation is used to consider the Internet as part of their life. They don't care about multitasking, TCP headers, protocols or even bits. Because they were born when all these things already existed and worked greatly.
What is the contribute of the new generations to the IT world? Facebook? Twitter? Friendster? Myspace? I can go on indefinitely... and you know that.
I have the impression to have so much technology availability and we have to justify this somehow. We have so many Giga and Tera available we have to use. This justifies the growth of web services like the ones above, at least from a technological point of view. They couldn't have even thought before because there were no resources. But now resources are cheap and they'll get cheaper and cheaper. Does this mean that a lot many silly services will be created?
We don't have to forget that next to the technological impact there's always a social one. There are millions (no joke!) of tweets out there where people claim they "just woke up" and some other millions that "today it is sunny".
Justifying the excess of technology with such things is cruel and crazy at the same time. I feel raped as a computer scientist. But first as a rational human being.

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