Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mobile Virtualization

For all those skeptics who actually didn't believe me saying this years ago. There we go! Virtualization for mobile phones.
VMware is actually working on that direction and providing a concept of virtualized Android phones.
Imagine a scenario like this: a business man or just an employee at SuperCool Inc. has a mobile phone for communicating with his collegues. When he's off he wants to switch off the bloody phone too. Well well, in a click he could just switch to another operating system and keep the same device.
The coolest thing of virtualization is hardware supported isolation. This means that two operating systems can just live on the same physical phone.
I am just facing a probable issue when an employee gets a call on his "business" virtual phone when he already switched to the "personal" virtual phone.
I guess the hypervisor below could forward the call to the currently active phone with the same mechanism implemented to let two virtual machines exchange data without passing through the network stack (by using a kind of shared memory).
Another interesting idea I have in mind might solve the double-sim card problem. I suggest to keep the same number for business and personal usage. The hypervisor could just stay active and forward calls directly to the "personal" virtual phone (if requested) when the business number is switched off. A lot more policies can be thought by the way.
I am very confident that virtualization technology is mature enough to explore the mobile world, right now!

Check this out folks! Mobile virtualization... "how many operating systems do you have on your phone? This might be the future.

They say.